Lomo distinctive image qualities

Tutorial: Lomo Light Leaks

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What’s a light leak, anyway?

Remember the old days of celluloid film cameras? Light leaks were actually errors caused by light literally leaking through small gaps and affecting the film. It was often frustrating, for all the effects could be quite beautiful. There could be shadows and reflections caused by the camera’s parts, or just general light diffusion across the lens.

These days, many photographers purposely choose to use a similar effect in post production to enliven otherwise dull photos or add a retro look to the work. ‘Lomography’ is actually the name of a movement that actively enjoys adding this effect, see more details at http://www.audiovideocomponents.com/create-light-leak-effect-lightroom/.

So, how difficult is it to add a Lomo light leak?

The answer is, as difficult as you want it to be. Fortunately, there are many kind souls out there in the digital landscape, and there are many, many great free light leak texture packs out there to be had. Just search! However, for the ultimate in effects, you may prefer to create your own, and that can be a little tricky.

The quick and easy method.

It’s as easy as finding a texture pack that suits your needs, adding the flare you want to experiment with to a new layer in your picture, and tinkering from there! Adjusting the opacity etc. will allow you to create the perfect picture for you.

The harder way.

It’s possible to create your own Lomo light leak effect. There’s actually a few ways you can do this, and it will depend on your graphics program. However, here’s some tips for one common method.

• First off, adjust the contrast on your base picture to be a little sharper, and bring up the saturation too.

• Create a black layer as an overlay layer. Using one of your particular program’s gradient layers, use a white colour to the flare effect. You will have to tinker with the feathering, layer settings, opacity and more to achieve a truly genuine effect.

• Create the layer as an action.

Remember that this is only a starting point. You’ll have to play with the settings to truly achieve the effect you want for your art.

Lomo distinctive image qualities

Creating your own actions, gradient pre sets and brushes to help you create the perfect Lomo light leak effect can be very fulfilling, and you will be able to save them for use in future projects too. However, there’s something to be said for using pre-made pre-sets, brushes and texture packs if you don’t have a very specific goal in mind and simple want to play with an otherwise dud or boring picture. Whichever approach you choose, you’re sure to fall in love with the effects. Maybe you’ll be a dedicated ‘Lomographer’ soon, too!

Lomo light leaks are fairly easy to create, and offer a different and versatile look to your work. They’re also essential if you’re trying to add a vintage look to your work, as light leaks were a common problem in celluloid photography. Whatever your goals, light leaks are a beautiful artistic touch.

Light Leaks in Photography

Top 10 free light leaks download

Are you looking for free light leak downloads? Here’s the best 10 sites to start sniffing around.

What’s a light leak, anyway.

Light leaks used to occur in celluloid film cameras when a hole or gap in the body let unwanted light onto the film. This would cause diffuse light across the film, and cause random flares, lines or washes- and sometimes shadows. Although they’d sometimes be artistic works of beauty, they’d also usually be an expensive waste of good film, were unpredictable and were generally considered a nuisance. They did occasionally produce the most beautiful of images, however.

Now, modern tastes now favour adding such artistic effects to your images, and they can also be a great way to add character to a boring image, or achieve surreal or vintage effects in your work. What’s even better is that you no longer have to rely on random chance to hope you get a nice effect- you can simple create a great one in post production!

Can I make my own light leaks?

Yes, you can! Light leaks for Premiere pro and other photo packages are considerably easier to create then you may think. You can use gradient layers, radiant filters, layers, brushes and more. There are plenty of tutorials out there on the net for every style of graphics programs as well as some video editors [why should photographers have all the lighting fun?]

Top 10 great free light leak downloads.

If you’re not into DIYing it, or you’d rather have quick access to great pre-set sets, here’s some great [free] resources to try.

Light Leaks in Photography

• cutestockfootage.com -While it’s mainly aimed at stock footage, they have some great free light leaks for you to try, too.read more helpful information at http://www.engadget.com/2014/10/03/blackphone-review/.

• lightleaklove.com – No light leak top 10 would be complete without this site. It’s packed full of great- and free- resources for you.

• Downloads.cnet.com – It may suprise you to see a mainstream download page on this list, but cnet offers some great light leak downloads, especially for the iOS

• Filtergrade.com- This is a small but worthy collection of free photoshop actions for light leaks.

• smashinghub.com/15-free-light-leak-texture-packs.htm- Smashing hub brings you a light leak download collection for those who like vintage feels and texture to their photos.

• PSDbox.com – Offers another great light leak texture pack or two for those looking for easy to use stock images.

• jesserosten.com -Filmmaker jesse rosten brings you some great free light leaks

• rocketrysouthcarolina.com -This unlikely site will lead you to a youtube channel packed full of some of the best of the best free light leak downloads out there.

• Fontonic.com- Another one for the Photoshop lovers amoung us, fontoni offers free- and stunning- Photoshop light leak actions.

• Creativedojo.com -Ninja your way to the front of the photography pack with their great free light leak packs.

With these top 10 free light leaks downloads to start you off, you’ll soon be loving the work you create.

LL Half Exposed

How to create a light leak effect in Lightroom

Light leaks are a great way to add diffuse light play and vintage effects to your work. Here’s a look at how to achieve these effects in Lightroom. There are even some great pre-sets for Lightroom out there to help you on the way.

The major tool- the graduated filter.

The main tool you’ll use in Lightroom to create the light leak effect is the graduate filter. There is a small flaw with this method, though. By it’s nature, the graduated filter stretches between the screen edge and the area you indicate- so if you want a ‘true’ light leak effect, you’ll need to use 2 graduated filter layers or more.

Open you your base image- the one you want to alter. Add a thin graduated layer that overexposes the image. You’re going to adjust the filter until it comes to the end point, where you want the light leak effect to stop.

Next, fire up another graduated filter layer, this time a darkening one. Effectively, you’ll want to reverse your original settings. The thing with natural light leaks has always been their randomness- they are never straight, or a uniform width-, so you’ll have to play around with moving the filters to get your finished effect.

Getting more advanced.

Adding colour and more to the light leak effect is pretty simple, actually. In general, warm reds and autumn shades are best if you’re looking for a vintage look, but you can use almost anything you would like effectively. Again, experimentation is your friend.

Other options.

Of course, that’s not the only option for a light leak effect in Lightroom, although it’s one of the simplest. You can also explore the option of pre-set packs. There are some great free light leaks and light leak downloads out there, alongside paid pre-set packs. You can also take another route and choose to create your own brushes. Again, like with the steps above, you’ll need a darker, underexposed brush and a lighter overexposed brush. In later versions of Lightroom, you can also choose to tinker around with the radial filters to achieve that perfect effect.read more report at this link.

LL Half Exposed

The quick and dirty method.

Remember that there are great resources for free light leak effects out there, so if you’re really wanting to do a quick effect and move on, be sure to look for the host of free overlays out there of great light leak effects. By simply layering and adjusting the opacity, you should be able to create some really interesting effects, although it’s usually a better idea to spend a little time and develop your own personalised tool set for creating light leak effects in Lightroom, as ultimately this will give you far more versatility and creative options.more effect style at http://www.engadget.com/2014/10/03/blackphone-review/.

Whichever route you choose, enjoy creating light leaks in your work with Lightroom.

light leak

What are light leak overlay effects, how to use them and why you’ll love them.

It’s amazing how something once so hated by film-users has become a sought-after special effect, but light leaks have. There’s even great free light leak downloads out there to help you. But do you know what they really are? Here’s some tips.

What are light leaks?

Light leaks started, of course, as genuine errors from the days of film cameras, when celluloid film was the norm. Light leaks resulted from small leaks in the camera body letting light into the frame. This extra exposure would create unexpected exposure effects across the film, ranging from over-exposure to light flares and more.

Needless to say, in the costly days of celluloid film these light effects were dreaded, particularly when a shot had been carefully set up and then ruined, but these days the effect is seen quite differently. Shots actively courting these diffuse light plays are gaining popularity. Light leaks have gone from being considered mistakes to being artistic- driven partly by the intriguing effects and interesting looks they create on film. They can take dull and boring images and add new life to them, and even create retro and vintage feels. They make work stand out- if used the right way.visit the official website for more video editing tips.

How do you get them?

Well, if you prefer to create your light leaks in the flesh, so to say, rather then via post-production, the most common way is via ‘lens-whacking’, or detaching the lens from the camera slightly in order to allow light to sneak in. Other methods include diffuse ‘cheat’ filters ranging from expensive ones to things as simple as a baggy taped over the lens. Results can be spectacular, but due to the random nature of this creation, they’re rarely replicable.

Those who prefer more control over the effect will choose to add them in post prodction. Most non-linear editing programs- from Adobe Première Pro to Avid Media Composer, Adobe Photoshop and more, both for videos and still photos- allow for the creation of fantastic light leak effects. So popular is this effect that many free resources and tutorials for light leaks for Adobe première exist- just try Goggling it.
Do I always have to make my own?read full news at http://bgr.com/2014/10/02/best-free-iphone-apps-oct-2/.

light leak

Not necessarily. While if you want a specific effect you may choose to do your own, there’s many pre-made light leaks for FCPX and more out there.

Why are light leaks so great?

They’re a totally manipulatable effect that lends itself to a host of exciting possibilities. You can manipulate them however you want, from speed, colour and opacity to the end of your imagination!

Whether you want to achieve a retro feel or expand your previously dull photo into a mysterious space- age epic, light leaks are just one great tool that will help keep your work fresh and inspiring.

video editing facility

Video Editing Software VOB

There are various formats in which videos can be recorded. Sometimes, there is a need for us to convert different movie files because the video players that we use do not support some of the existing file formats. However, there is a problem. Most of the time, when we convert videos from one format to another, there are chances that the quality of the video may be lost because of some technicalities.

One of the most popular video formats available today is what we call the VOB. The VOB or video object is often found in DVD video media. This type of video format is also based on the commonly used MPEG 2 stream format, but however, there are some limitations, if not only specifications, when it comes to private streams. Whenever you play a video with a .vob file extension, you will be able to find the actual video and audio, as well as the subtitle and menu contents all in stream form.

If ever you want to change the file extension from .vob to MPEG, the video will still be readable. However, there would be a problem when it comes to viewing the video’s subtitles. Most of the players which support a strict MPEG format will still be able to read the .vob file, but they do not have the capability to read subtitles.read more detailed update from their website.

In most cases, you will need a software which will convert a .vob file to another format. There are other files which are quite more advanced than the .vob format, so there is a need for you to convert from one video file to another. There are different video editing software vob which can be used by anyone. Some of them are free, and some of them are not. However, if you do pay the software for a price, you can be assured that you will have quality video at its best.

First one is the Super DVD VOB Converter 1.23. This is a freeware, so you do not have to worry about paying for any cost at all. The Super DVD VOB Converter is an amazing video editing software vob which has the capability to change a .vob file to different and more advance video file formats. Moreover, you can also convert the .vob files and put them straight to YouTube or burn them straight into DVD.

video editing facility

Video Charge 3.13 is another video editing software vob. This wonderful software has the capability to split files into several scenes. This is eventually very helpful to those who would only like to use a portion of a movie for different purposes, whether it is a report or a similar task. On the other way around, you may also put several videos into one.Follow her latest comment at http://betanews.com/2014/09/25/cyberlink-powerdirector-13-ultimate-the-best-consumer-video-editor-around-review/.

Video editors would like to do this if there is a need to edit several scenes and put them into one coherent scene. Luckily, the Video Charge 3.13 is free, and can be downloaded on different sites. With this software, you do not have to worry about anything else.

video editing staff

Open Source Movie Editing Software

Animators and film makers use software which enables them to produce quality movies and animations that we could just dream of creating. They incorporate the use of expensive technology in order for them to bring out the quality of their craft.

If you think that an amateur cannot pull of the same kind of animation that they do, think again. With the wealth of open source movie editing software that the internet has, there is no doubt that you can also make a similar masterpiece that they create. All you have to do is choose from a variety of names when it comes to movie editing software and you are certainly ready to go.

There are different open source movie editing software available, depending on your operating system. For the Mac Operating System, iMovie is probably the best thing that you could ever get when it comes to video editing platforms in Mac. It comes as a part of the iLife package and it has advanced movie editing features with added plug-in support. If you want to add your video in various video sharing sites such as YouTube, there are also options wherein you can add your homemade movie as easy as you thought it was. You can also create versions of your video in different formats, such as in iPod or iPhone.Check more information at http://lightleaklove.com/pages/how-to-add-stunning-light-leaks-to-your-videos.

On the other hand, there are also other open source movie editing software which is both available in Mac and Windows Operating System. Blender can be installed for free in both Mac and Windows. If you are a budding graphic artist who constantly think of ways to improve his craft, then this is just the software for you. Blender has free software which is a staple for most amateur animation artists in the world. It enables you to add an extra thrill to your animated movies by letting it have 2D and 3D effects.visit the original source to get updated.

Jashaka is another open source movie editing software which is both available for Mac and Windows users. Jashaka will give you an utmost benefit when it comes to video editing because you do not have to worry about how to manipulate the controls of this software, since it is easier to handle compared to other video editing programs. You can add endless types of animation and sound effects in your videos by using Jashaka.

video editing staff

Another software which both Mac and Windows users will like is the ZS4 Video Editor. Having the capability to support different media types, most notably even photo and audio files, the ZS4 Video Editor will enable an amateur video editor to combine different media types in order to create one great masterpiece. Video editors, whether amateur or professional, will love the fact that they can combine at least two different media types in his movie with the use of ZS4 Video Editor.

These are just some of the names in which you might be interested in. These are free, so you do not have to worry about paying for a service that you can easily do yourself.

video editing

Freeware Movie Editing Software

We often thought eons before that it is quite expensive to have videos edited. Chances are, you always settle for an editor to sort out your videos for you. Whether you video is a personal masterpiece you have taken from your sister’s wedding or it is a downloaded film that you want to crop out, it is always a drag when you have your videos edited by another person. Some video editors ask for a really hefty price, and you cannot really budge and complain about it especially when you need the videos pronto.

However, the advent of different types of technology assures us that we should not worry about this dilemma anymore. The World Wide Web provides us with a lot of opportunities when it comes to editing your videos. There are various sites which will provide you with freeware movie editing software that you just have to download and install in your computer and you will be ready to go. You do not have to consult the services of a professional video editor because the software comes for free. You can now do anything you want about your videos with no extra cost.

There are various freeware movie editing software that you may use. You may start off with the most basic Windows Movie Maker which comes hand in hand with your Windows Operating System. The Windows Movie Maker will end an extra zing in your homemade movies because with it, you may add some special effects such as credit rolls, introductory scenes and more in your videos.

If you want to have a more diverse take on video editing, Blender will provide you a type of software which will let you apply 2D and 3D effects in your computer animation. This is very useful especially for those who are working in graphics design and animation. The software offered by Blender may be a little intimidating at first, but once you are able to know how to give the controls a little tweak, you will find out that the software is probably one of the greatest things that you will ever have as an animator.

On the other hand, Jashaka is another freeware movie editing software that you might find very interesting. This software will enable you to apply different effects on videos and apply the same sound effects that professionals use for their craft. Jashaka is also very easy to use, unlike other professional software which is very complicated to tweak.

video editing

Amateur video editors may also find Wax’s software very useful. This software is also very easy to use, compared to others which are made entirely for professionals and are very complicated to use. Wax will enable you to have high quality edited videos without paying for anything at all. This software can also provide 2D and 3D effects in your homemade videos which can appeal to both beginner and amateur video editor.visit the website http://tweakers.net/downloads/33317/emdb-207.html to get more information.

These are just some of the free software that you can download straight from the internet. With these applications in mind, you do not need to worry about anything at all when it comes to putting a different touch to your videos.